Sue Pearson

  • New stock.

    9th December.

    Added, 5 new super Steiff and a lovely Ideal bear.

    Lots more nice bears and animals.


    We only accept vintage bears over 60 years old. We never over restore , and conserve as much of the original bear as possible, as over restoration devalues vintage bears. 

     We no longer offer a doll restoration service.

  • Email and phone number to find us.

    Email :
    Phone 07786546240
    Please note the old shop number is no longer active.

  • Future Shows.

    We will be at Hugglets in February do come and see us.

  • Our Teddy Bear hospital is busy!

    I am afraid I can only accept pre 1960 mohair bears now due to heavy demand.



  • Our Shop is Now Closed

    Our shop in Lewes is now permanently closed.
    We have a selection of bears at the
    Emporium Antiques Centre
    42 Cliffe Street Lewes.
    BN7 2A0


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