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    We never over restore , and conserve as much of the original bear as possible, as over restoration devalues vintage bears. 

    If you have an enquiry please attach a photo or two.


     We can no longer offer a doll restoration service.

  • Email and phone number to find us.

    Email : sales@suepearson.co.uk
    Phone 07786546240
    Please note the old shop number is no longer active.

  • Future Shows.

    Regretfully  the Bear and doll show in November has been cancelled.

    We will not be at Hugglets this autumn

  • Our Teddy Bear hospital is busy! Our Teddy Bear hospital is busy!

    Due to a heavy demand for restoration  there is a waiting list.

    However please do contact me and we will try to help.



  • Our Shop is Now Closed

    Our shop in Lewes is now permanently closed.
    We have a selection of bears at the
    Emporium Antiques Centre
    42 Cliffe Street Lewes.
    BN7 2A0

    Closed at present.


Doll Hospital

We are pleased to announce we are once again doing doll restoration and repairs for bisque headed dolls. We can now restring, repair joints and damaged limbs and fingers, reset eyes, replace wigs and re-dress all period dolls. For more information please contact us.

Teddy Bear Hospital

A well restored bear is a more valuable bear. Restoration services can include repairing and cleaning, replacement of eyes, nose and claw stitching, replacing joints and re-stuffing. Patients can be posted insured and a free valuation is included.

Antique Teddy Bears

We have a large stock of vintage bears, including Farnell, Chiltern, Chad Valley, and Merrythought.

We specialise in early Steiff and Bing which are mostly in good or excellent condition, and have always been cleaned before sale.

Just click here to see them.