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Teddy Bear Hospital

We have been restoring teddy bears and toy animals for over 40 years and have a wealth of experience.

We undertake all aspects of repair from a light clean to the full restoration of very worn and damaged bears.

Our goal is to restore your bear to the very best condition it can be whilst retaining its original look and character.

This is some of the work we undertake:

Teddy Bears

  • Cleaning – this is the most important part of any restoration as a dirty bear will rot over time.
  • Fixing and replacing eyes – we will only use the correct eyes that would have been in your bear, we can also replace modern plastic safety eyes.
  • Re-stuffing.
  • Pads – we will always try to repair what is there rather than replaced them. If they do need replacing we will use best material available.
  • Repairs to the fabric – our highly skilled restorers use near invisible stitching to darn and repair old worn fabric.

If you are interested in using our restorations services please contact us here.


  • Please contact us for the delivery address and always send your bear by a secure and recorded service like Special Delivery. Bears will be returned by 24hr courier. We can arrange to have your bear collected.
  • We can only give an estimate from photos, a firm cost will only be given once we have seen the bear in the fur.
  • Most repairs take 4-8 weeks, very extensive repairs can take up to 16 weeks.
  • Payment will be taken on completion.
  • If bears are not collected or paid for 3 months after completion we reserve the right to sell the bear to recoup our costs. We will of course do all we can to contact you beforehand.
  • The only bears we cannot repair are ones made from sheepskin.
  • If you don’t not want us to do the work once the bear is received and we have given you a quote then we will immediately return him for the cost of the return postage.
  • We are happy to undertake work on bears that have insect infestation, smoke damage or that are just very dirty!

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